GPS Locator for persons and pets – model GT-30x

(for this device also exists a modified version – additional it has two suplimentary wires – dedicated for tracking vehicles – details at

Main features:

  • allows location tracking via the Internet (periodically transmit via GPRS position coordinates of the persons / pets to GPS tracking server
  • allows location tracking via SMS (mobile phone send a link containing the vehicle position located by Google Maps)
  • includes internal microphone allowing both remote listening (audio monitoring device without others around know they are listening / a “spy”) and communication with the person monitored (device can be used as a mobile phone with limited functions, can be used as mobile phone for children and can call only to a limited and predetermined list of two phone numbers)
  • contains internal baterry that allows an operating range
  • location information can be sent at regular intervals, these intervals can be modified as needed depending on budget you want to assign (SMS, GPRS)
  • este dotat cu doua memorii interne: o memorie poate fi setata sa memoreze traseul parcurs in cazul in care nu se foloseste transmisia in timp real prin Internet mobil (GPRS) iar o alta memorie este folosita sa stocheze locatiile geografice ale pozitiilor subiectului monitorizat in cazul in care legatura la Internet nu functioneaza sau in cazul in care serverul de monitorizare nu este functional. Aparatul va descarca continutul acestei memorii direct in serverul de monitorizare atunci cand legatura GPRS se restabileste si cand serverul va functiona din nou corect
  • it is equipped with two internal memories: memory can be set to store the route of where transmission does not use real-time mobile Internet (GPRS) and another memory is used to store subject positions to geographic locations monitored if the Internet link is not working or if the tracking server is disabled. This memory device will upload the content directly in the monitoring server when GPRS connection is restored and the server will work properly again
  • is equipped with motion sensor that allows to make significant savings in energy when the monitored subject is not moving. Once the subject begins to move on again start to work, coming out of power save state (energy saving). Motion sensor is sensitive to vibrations. When the motion sensor (vibration) feels a movement, it will determine output device waking (energy saving) and send alarm to preset telephone number. Alarms can be in the form of call to a number or as SMS
  • SOS button – on press event it sends alarm SMS to a preset number
  • allows GEO FENCE alarms type (alarm leaving from an allocated area)
  • send alarms of overcome the speed limit allowed
  • send alarms when the internal battery back-up is low
  • optional poate veni dotat cu magneti industriali inclusi in carcasa aparatului pentru a-l putea atasa obiectelor din otel / fier pe care doriti sa le monitorizati (se poate atasa de tabla unei masini, de o bara de otel, de usa metalica (din tabla de otel) a unei case, etc; aceasta optiune cu magneti industriali trebuie solicitata la cumpararea aparatului, ulterior neputandu-i-se atasa magneti printr-un procedeu simplu. Magneti optionali vin deja inclusi in carcasa daca se solicita la cumpararea aparatului acesasta optiune. Optiunea cu magneti costa in plus 50 lei.
  • optionally be delivered equipped with magnetic field included in the device casin in order to be attached to objects steel / iron that you like to monitor (you can attach to a car body, a steel bar, metal door (steel sheet) a house, etc. this option with the magnetic field must be requested before purchasing the device, then unable to attach them by a simple magnet. Optional magnets already come included in the casin unit if required to before purchasing the device. This options cost an additional 50 lei.

Tehnical details:

  • GPS module is performat, type SiRF STAR III
  • include hands free pack (headphones+wire microphone) in order to be used as telephone with limited functions (it can call predetermined list of two phone numbers preset buttons corresponding to “Call B” and that “Call C”)
  • module GSM / GPRS triband, functional in 900MHz and 1800MHz networks(compatible with Vodafone, Orange, Cosmote)
  • tracking data can pe send in SMS format but also throw mobile Internet (GPRS) to a GPS tracking server (for data transmission via GPRS communication may be UDP or TCP / IP)
  • it works both with prepaid and postpaid SIM cards
  • tracking accuracy on the map is up to 2 – 5 meters
  • is equipped with A-GPS function which allows on one hand a faster location and on the other hand allows a more precise location than other GPS locators
  • temperature interval for a proper function is: -10°C÷55°C
  • humidity level allowed: 10%- 75% RH

Price offer:

GT-30x = 113 EURO + VAT/ piece. For an order bigger that 6 devices on the same invoice a discount will be applicable. For details please contactat us.

The above prices do not include installation costs and no shipping costs (transportation / insurance / comison delivery). They are established for each control point separately and paid separately according to each particular situation. Delivery costs approximate 15 lei for destinations in Bucharest and 25 lei for destinations in other localities.

Please use these tracking devices in strict compliance with applicable laws. If you have questions or if you are not sure in which situations and how to legally use GPS tracking devices and monitoring audio please ask the expert advice of a lawyer or legal consultant. nappropriate use of these devices fall into the sole responsibility of those who use them. If you have doubts about the legal conditions of use of these devices then you better not buy them and not use them!

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