We are pleased to announce that starting with 23/10/2012 we introduced new features and improved functions using the map monitoring application.

1. / I increased the portion of the map displayed on the monitor screen in real time (the “Realtime”).

2. / New functions are activated when clicking the right column in the list of GPS devices monitored. In order to activate new features you have to click the monitored device.

Will appear as a line on the bottom of the map with 4 buttons: Device Details, Graphic operation, Archive POI and Archive Areas.

– Device Details will show the most important information about GPS tracking device selected: last geographical position, speed last instant of the last updates of location data and the right column will show when the active monitoring packages will expire

– Graphic function shows a summary of the last 24 hours (maximum speed, average speed, distance) so that you can make a quick idea of the activity in the last 24 hours for the device you track

– Archive zones will show user-defined list of areas which have been allocated to the selected GPS tracking device. Every area will highlight the last three events on the area

– POI archive will show the list of POI (points of interest) receiving user defined assigned to the selected GPS tracking. At each POI will highlight the last three events on the poi

Archive and archive areas POI buttons are usable only for those devices that have chosen monitoring packages “TARGETS” or “COMPLETE”. For package “BASIC” can not be defined Areas and POI, therefore, not applicable functions and Area archive and POI Archive.

3. / When activating over the map display real time monitoring (by checking the mail box by choosing the right device and all device color drawing (route taken)) route will be drawn with specification of travel direction. Until now drawing does not indicate direction of travel.

Thank you once again for using gps weblocator.eu monitoring software solution. In the future we plan to introduce new facilities for application monitoring and GPS location.

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