The GPS trackers (also named as GPS locators) are those devices that help you to watch from distance, virtually anywhere on Earth, a car, a scooter, an ATV, a boat, a person, a pet, a freight container, a bag with assets or any other subject you want to monitor. GPS locators used to monitor vehicles are also called AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) and those for locating people and animals and are called personal tracker.

These tracking devices transmit geographic location and instant speed of the monitored subject to a server. Transmission of positions (geographical coordinates) and velocity is made periodically over GPRS (mobile Internet – General Packet Radio Service) to the GPS monitoring server. These locating positions and velocities of tracked subject can be sent regularly or only when it’s needed, by SMS directly to your phone. In this way you can monitor one or more subjects even when you’re moving, without having access to a computer.

The time interval for refreshing position and instant speed of a subject can be adjusted according the needs of each user. It would be decided according how often you wish to check the subject’s position and speed, according the budget allocated as costs for data transmission via GPRS or SMS, according the costs of archiving, according resources required for storing and for processing historical data received from GPS locators.

GPS location is one of the most efficient methods that help fleet managers to manage the fleet of cars, to make fuel economy and efficient use of time drivers and salespeople. With a simple analysis of the routes traveled by vehicles in the previous day and the next-day delivery plan, a manager can easily decide which routes to be followed by each driver / salesman for working time to be used within and fuels to be consumed in minimal quantity.

It should be noted that tracking and monitoring equipment of new generation enables GSM location. Although GSM is less precise location still has a great advantage over GPS location. Location using signals from cellular networks GSM / GPRS enable accurate location of a subject quite good even in a monitored area covered (in the garage, basement, under the roof, etc.). This feature of localization using signal GSM / GPRS is extremely useful when trying to locate a person who has entered a building or under a roof is in these places knowing that the GPS signal is weak or nonexistent and location by classical procedures based locator signal received by the GPS satellites network would be impossible. GSM tracking is used to find a pet that has strayed hiding in a shelter where there is no GPS signal reception. Many of our models sold by us equipment tracking and monitoring simultaneously and in parallel using both GPS tracking capabilities (which is the most accurate) and the location by GSM / GPRS (which is less accurate though does have advantage that is available in several places, even in areas covered). GSM localization is achieved by the classical method of triangularization data received from multiple antennas GSM / GPRS network of cellular (GSM / GPRS).

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