If you wish to know every moment to know where is one person, one pet , one car or a vehicle fleet then you need to use GPS trackers.

The personal GPS trackers (personal GPS locators) are used to monitor children, persons with disabilities, the elderly, pet or other animals. The main difference between personal trackers and vehicle locators vehicles is that personal ones have built an internal battery that provides autonomy in running for a few hours to several weeks or months even. The battery autonomy depends on its capacity, on frequency with which GPS coordinates are examined, on the frequency with which they are sent over GPRS to monitoring server or by SMS directly to your mobile phone coordinations of location and speed of monitored subjects which have GPS tracking device attached. The battery autonomy can be also extended if the tracking device is optimized to reduce consumption and if it uses power saving procedures. A high quality device can benefit a longer running time if, beside power saving schemes apart, is equipped with motion sensors that when the subject stands still for a longer time GPS monitoring and GPRS / SMS transmission stop and when subject begins to move again then it restart transmission for GPS tracking.

The GPS trackers help you to significantly improve the management of your vehicle fleet. Thus, real-time tracking of monitored vehicles offer you possibility to optimize routes, so you can decide which vehicle would be better to be sent to a customer / supplier in order to reach in the shortest time. You can analyze the minimal route to collect goods / correspondence from several suppliers / senders in the shortest time, you can check if drivers followed the shortest route or routes specified by the manager, you can see when cars/trucks arrived at predetermined destinations and how long were stationed there. By visual analysis and by analyzing routes and road maps and reports generated by GPS monitoring server you can optimize the distribution plan, travel routes, the program for collection / delivery of goods / correspondence, etc.

Also with GPS monitoring application you can check the fuel consumption as well as places where fuel was bought. Comparing the geographical location and time saved in the server with data printed on fuel receipts you can see if it had been a real supply of fuel or a fictional one.

Our GPS tracking application offers you the possibility to check how long a car is used for personal interest and how long it is used for business. For each car in part our GPS server generates a report showing how many km were traveled differently during duty time and how many km in driver’s own interest.

Using our GPS monitoring solution you can insert and then deal with various areas of interest. These areas drawn on the map like polygons can be controlled so as to receive the first email alerts and on the other hand, to generate detailed reports regarding date and time when vehicles entered the monitored area, the place where entered through the area, date and time when the area was left and the place where the car / person left the monitored area of interest.

You can define points of interest (POI) so that you can easily track the times when one or more monitored subjects (cars/trucks/persons/pets) reached a predetermined place and that when they left it. On the one hand you can receive alerts via email and on the other hand, can generate a report monitoring points of interest (POI report). These points of interest can be defined as locations of your customers and suppliers or other places of interest (shopping centers, banks, hotels, restaurants, bars, ATM networks, stations, places of entertainment, etc.)